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Pigs and Toasters

by Mark Purtill

Friday , January 24 , 2014
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Eggplants: The next day, 0.05

Oink: Why do we have to leave so early?

Kristy: To meet the launch window. Hurry up, that cat will be back soon.

Oink: Ah, Ms. Chili...

Chili: (Yawn). 'Morning. It's too early, isn't it?

Oink: Look! Some of the animals came to see us off!

Chili: That's nice.

La Pine: Hail the Eggplants!

Maggie; We always try to see off pilots.

Cmdr. Snow: Er, yes! Hail the Eggplants!


Penguin: Eggplants? Here, in the animal section?

Eggplants: At ease, animals.

Oink: Long live the Eggplants!

Chili: Your presence is an undeserved honor, Lord Eggplants.

Eggplants: Yes, yes. We were thinking about those trees...

Eggplants: So we came to bring you these... bags.

Take them with you.

Do not open the bags...

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