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Pigs and Toasters

by Mark Purtill

Tuesday , February 3 , 2015
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Xavier: Hmm, I suppose you could walk...

Kristy: Er, walking is fine, it's just...

Xavier: ...Boring, yes, but...

Zelda: It's him, Betsy!

We decoded the message correctly!

Betsy: I told you it was worth getting up early!

Betsy: Excuse me, Mr Cud, but could you sign our copies of your book?

Xavier: Of course!

Ah, excuse me, Up-Goers. Duty calls.

Xavier: Ah, so “Best wishes, to Zelda?”

Zelda: Yes, please!

Cud Fan: Look, he's signing!


Oink: I'm almost afraid to ask what the alternative to walking is...

Kristy: I think not asking would be wise...

Tomatoes: Excuse us, Citizens?

Kristy: Er, yes?

Tomatoes: Did we understand you are going to the Historical Art Museum?

Er, yes, Tomato-Sama.

Tomatoes: Er, no titles here. Just “tomatoes” is good.

Kristy: Of course.

Um, Oink, what on Urth are you doing?

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